Log Cabin New Construction (Custom)




Log Cabin New Construction (Custom)


Every Log Home is different because of the type of logs, age of the property, maintenance history and customer’s objectives. We offer a comprehensive analysis and observation of the current conditions along with possible courses of action.

Budget Planning

We appreciate and understand that every client is unique and so your financial situation. Our goal is meet your objectives within the budget and work with you

Work phase

Once the project has been decided upon, we can schedule a start date. And once started, will do our best to minimize the impact on your daily life schedule!

Interior Construction

Vented Roof & Eaves
Insulated Ceiling
T & G Interior Boards
Rafter Tie
LVL Beam
Rough Wiring
Trimmed LVL Beam

Exterior Construction

Drip Edge
Vented Roof & Eaves
Double Top Plate
Thermo-Ply Sheathing
House Wrap
6″ T&G Log Siding