House Addition – Three seasons porch, La Crosse, WI (Design and Construction)




House Addition – Three seasons porch, La Crosse, WI (Design and Construction)


Every project we build is different. This design was created by Bluffview Development prior to building with the design leading vision by our customer. All cedar wood, high-end windows by Marvin, modern interior finishes, rapidly renewable bamboo floors by Floor Liquidators / Rochester MN, it make a perfect mix of new technology and traditional style.

Budget Planning

We appreciate and understand that every client is unique and so your financial situation. Our goal is meet your objectives within the budget and work with you

Work phase

Once the project has been decided upon, we can schedule a start date. And once started, will do our best to minimize the impact on your daily life schedule!

What was done:

To remove the gutter and set aside for reinstallation.

To complete deconstruction of wall framing floor and subfloor as well as posts and footings.

Build temporary supports and new footings as well as posts and beams with new floor and wall framing.

To enclose the foundation with wainscot and install windows and door.

To insulate ceiling , floor and knee walls.

Install flooring and trim as well as caulking for paint preparation. Customer will paint surfaces.

Replace Light fixture

Supplier: Windows by Marvin, Home Depot, Beaver Builders

Approx Budget.

$10,000 – $15,000 (with Material)

Project Dimensions

6′ feet by 15′ feet by 10′ feet high