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General Contractor / Architectural Associate

Olena Belka —

Born and raised in Europe, Olena has spent her life around her entrepreneurial architect brother, exposing her to modern architecture, sustainable design practices, and construction. She has co-founded and owns several companies in connection with sustainability and does the project quoting as well as keeping you connected and up-to-date on ideas, products, samples, and information.

Fun Facts:
Because her parents moved from country to country, at one point in her younger life Olena spoke four different languages
Visited ten countries – lived in five – before settling in La Crosse, Wisconsin
Prefers minimalism and simplicity in design and architecture
Is currently pursuing her credentials in Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) and Architecture
One of her degrees is in Web Development and Coding

Our People

BluffView Development Group consists of over 60 years experience in design, architecture, construction, real estate development, finance, and marketing. We offer comprehensive services addressing all aspects of real estate development.

Construction Manager

Thomas Garibaldi —

Thomas has been involved in construction for over 20 years as a business owner and partner in several companies. Inspired by his clients’ ideas and uniqueness, he has built and remodeled from coast to coast creating custom living spaces by knowing and understanding his clients’ preferences.

Fun Facts:
Born in Bogota Colombia, Thomas was raised on the East Coast of the US between Massachusetts and New Jersey
Served active military duty after high school, was a member of the Wisconsin National Guard for several years, leaving with an honorable discharge
Is an experienced self-defense instructor and practices Kali and Bo Staff Martial Arts
Previously involved with Habitat for Humanity in the La Crosse area
Enjoys camping, hiking, and visiting national parks around the country

Business Administrator

Michelle J Bloom—

With over 30 years of business consulting experience, Michelle has worked with entrepreneurs from over 150 different industries – from the medical field, religious organizations and real estate trade to artists, designers and photographers – specializing in business management, marketing, and customer care. Her entrepreneurial mindset, attention to detail, and always positive, cheerful attitude is an essential part of BluffView Development Group’s success. Living an intentional life with an eye toward sustainability in all things, she is passionate about Benefit Corporations which balance purpose and profitability.

Fun Facts:
Lived in 10’x16′ cottage for 6 years with no running water



BluffView Development Group is built on a foundation of values that we believe are imperative for the health of the environment and its residents – sustainability, environmental responsibility, minimalism, transparency and education.